Can you store all of our facility related product and not just our furniture?

Yes. We store a broad range of product for our clients including furniture as well as anything else they might find in their facility.

Can you receive our product at your warehouse?

Yes, we are well accustomed to receiving product at our warehouse until the project site is ready for installation or for freight transfer to another location.

We want to relocate and consolidate our facilities, can you help us with that?

Yes. It is very typical these days for companies to consolidate locations and streamline their operations. We can do this across the country or across town.

Is there a discount for storage if you are installing our product.

Yes. We offer 30 days free storage at our facility if we are acting as your installation team.

Can the Facilities Company ship our product to any of our locations throughout North America?

Yes. We are well suited to get your inventory to anywhere in the country and well beyond.

Can you inventory our product to include our “ins and outs”?

Yes, all of your inventory in our facility is maintained and updated as your inventory grows or depletes.

What makes the Facilities Company qualified to act as our installation team?

Simple, with decades of installation we are able to offer you a solution to complete your projects on time and as you expect.

Can you project manage my projects from start to finish?

Yes. We will work with you to understand you goals, expectations and timelines, and then run you project to make those things a reality.

Can you service multiple locations across multiple markets?

Yes. Some of our clients use our services across the country to better streamline their facilities.

Can I purchase furniture directly from you?

You can’t. But, with our relationships in the industry we are happy to use our relationships to help you find a dealer that is right for you.