Long/Short Term Storage and Warehouse Equipment

The Facilities Company will store your product long term or short term. We will receive your product and provide you with all the necessary paperwork to know that your product has arrived as planned. If you need product stored long term or inventoried for “ins and outs” we have the solutions and procedures to make sure its done right.

We also offer a full line of new and used pallet racking, industrial shelving, and warehouse equipment for your facility. With sales, service, and pallet racking installation being all in one place, we streamline your project and ensure that you are receiving the necessary attention to make your project a success.

Completed Projects

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Allow us to show you an experience that sets us apart from all other facility companies.

Project Management and Office Furniture Installation

We understand project management and office furniture installation. Our approach to both is to follow your project through every aspect, from quoting to the final wipe down.

Tucson's Premier Office Furniture Installation Team

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